SynergyStudio 4 Release Notes

Learn about our recent bug fixes and enhancements for each SynergyStudio release.


SynergyStudio 4.8

pdfSynergyStudio 4.8 Release Notes

SYN-2530: Exporting a report with a Create Calendar Invite action will not keep the attendees consistent. When a Create Calendar Invite action is created, with user A as an attendee, then this report is exported and imported onto a different server inside the action still reports that user A is the optional attendee, but running the action will show that User B is the optional attendee. This is due to the action referencing the user's ID rather than the user's name. In versions 4.8 on, it will export and look for the user name instead of ID for new sequences and will search for ID for imported sequences where the name was not stored.

SYN-2637: When migrating two modules where one has a dependency on the other, after the migration, in the second Synergy environment, the module with the dependency is marked as invalid even though it is valid in the source Synergy environment. Both modules have been migrated to the second synergy environment, but the module reference is broken.

SYN-2725: Intermittently, when editing a cell in an editable table, sometimes the cell turns yellow and stays yellow. This happens in various sequences and is related to connectivity issues due to the firewall. Changes to remoting-bisocket-service.xml are required.

SYN-2765: When Synergy DNA starts if there are deprecated actions within the stored sequences, multiple Java exceptions are logged in the log file. These are unnecessary and congest the log files.

SYN-2772: When a sequence that creates a keylist with multiple rows is fed into a Module, which then uses the Export Excel Report action to create an .xls file for each key is run multiple times, it will eventually start to fail with "ExportExcelReport Error: Server returned HTTP response code: 400 for URL: ". This then occurs until the server is restarted.

SYN-2782: Inside the Query section of a Query HSQL action when there is enough information for a scroll bar to appear (up and down) and the action is closed and then re-opened, the mouse scroll wheel cannot be used. This is a regression from version 4.3.

SYN-2794: When importing a Scene, and sequences it depends on, onto a different server, the reports in the Reports tab don't reference the correct report id. Because the report id changes when the sequence is imported the id needs to be re-added manually in each report in the tab. This has been addressed during export of the scene and sequence, they now have corresponding report IDs. p>

SYN-2807: In 'Import Table From .DBF' action, when you set up Record Count as 0, it only works when Start Record is also set up to 0. If Record Count = 0 but Start Record > 0, this action won't bring any data from DBF.

SYN-2816: The text area in any action field, that uses the multi-line string editor, sometimes has two scroll bars. This causes some issues when scrolling with a mouse wheel or trackpad, and sometimes doesn't work at all. Is related to SYN-2782

2912: When using Launch URL, some links are no longer working. This is because multiple spaces are being replaced with only one %20. If you use file:// spaces won't get replaced at all. This is a regression from version 3.2. If you trim the file name, it will open the folder level without issue.

SYN-2927: When a search is performed, the last result is obscured by the system message "Report Search Enabled".

SYN-2931: When there exists a group and a user with the same name you are unable to add group permissions to a folder if the user permissions already exist, it instead just overwrites the current user permissions instead of creating a new permission.

SYN-3000: In some cases, there are client connections that are not being closed correctly on exit. The server log then gets filled with warnings that seem to appear continuously, filling the logs with unnecessary clutter. The log states "[org.jboss.jms.server.connectionmanager.SimpleConnectionManager] (Timer-18) A problem has been detected with the connection to remote client", "It is possible the client has exited without closing its connection(s) or the network has failed. All associated connection resources will be cleaned up."

SYN-3044: When a query in a "GetUserInput" action's NumberInputWidget or StringInputWidget has no results (0 rows returned), the default value should be displayed but is not. Instead, it displays a single blank space: ' '. The default value is expected to display n this case, but does not.

SYN-3102: In the version history of a report, that references a module, all the references in the version history appear broken except in the working copy. It does not affect the functionality of the report but it appears as if it is because opening the release version of the report will show a broken module. The reports still work and do access the modules and the documentation references the modules accurately, even though the reference appears broken.

SYN-3113: The 'Collapse All Nodes' button will only collapse the Reports folder and all folders underneath will stay expanded once you reopen the folder. Therefore, after the 'Expand All Nodes' button is pressed a work around (using search) is required to collapse the tree back down to a usable state. This fix collapses all nodes iteratively when the 'Collapse All Nodes' button is pressed.

SYN-3114: In the 'Help->About' menu in SynergyStudio the copyright shows 2005-2011, and should be updated to accurately reflect current copyright.

SynergyStudio 4.7.1

pdfSynergyStudio 4.7.1 Release Notes

SYN-3010: The CMIS action "Get Document List" lists information on all the documents/folders in a current directory. We want an extra column to determine whether or not a folder is empty or not. This will speed up our current facility studio upload process.

SYN-3013: If there were two BigDecimal columns in the input to Query HSQL action, they would both use the same precision and scale even if they were different. A Java error would occur if the second column was supposed to be larger precision than the first. This has been resolved to use the correct precision for multiple columns.

SYN-2224: When using the ‘Move Column’ action, moving a column, which has the same name as another column in the table, will overwrite the second column. In 4.3, An error message stopped users from moving any arrangement of multiple columns to avoid the issue. The New fix in 4.7.1, on, handles the error instead and will use the first occurrence of the column name.

SYN-3020: When moving a column using its name, as of 4.3, you could no longer move the same column twice. The original solution caused any sequences attempting this to fail after upgrading. The error handling was too restrictive. As of 4.7.1 we removed this restriction and handled the initial error in SYN-2224 differently, allowing the currently built sequences to continue running successfully.

SynergyStudio 4.7

pdfSynergyStudio 4.7 Release Notes

SYN-2892: Adding in the action, 'CMIS Get Document', will allow users to connect to Alfresco and view a document that already exists from synergy.

SYN-2859: Adding the ability to add a User and Password field for queries inside the Get User Input action. This is similar to how it is set up in the Query Database action. This will allow reports to override any queries made using this action.

SYN-2887: Adding an action, 'CMIS Upload', that allows a file to be uploaded using Alfresco.

SYN-2914: A useful enhancement for the rest API to delete files and folders in the servfs folder when using the HTTP Delete action. Without this, the API returns the file similar to using HTTP Get.

SYN-2921: Add in the ability for the rest call {server}/api/report/{reportId}/{reportVersion}/documentation/{format} to return the documentation in raw xml if no format is given. This enables the ability to get the description from a sequences description box.

SYN-2891: Adding the action, 'CMIS Create Folder' will allow users to create a folder in a CMIS.

SYN-2893: Adding the action 'CMIS Document List', which takes in a folder path and lists all the children (documents/folders) of that folder.

SYN-2894: Adding the action 'CMIS Delete Document' which allows a sequence to delete a document from a CMIS.

SYN-289: Adding in the action 'CMIS Delete Folder' which allows a sequence to take in a folder path and removes everything in the folder from a CMIS.

SYN-2247: If the "User Administrator" option is not selected on a user name the user is unable to grant users access to any sequence or assign users as owners to their own workflow tasks. When the plus icon is selected from the Access category, the Choose User/Group window appears, but the window is blank. This fix enables the access so a username does not have to be granted User Administrator privileges to view the list of users to add to their own sequences or workflows.

SYN-2911: When you create a new Get User Input, as of Synergy 4.6 the List Input Widget is not keeping entered list values when you press OK and then reopen the action.

SynergyStudio 4.6

pdfSynergyStudio 4.6 Release Notes

SYN-2828: SynergyStudio 4 doesn't currently support Oracle 12C. When a client tries to use Oracle 12C for storing data, an error occurs. Version 4.6 has updated hibernate to 5.0.0.Beta1 and updated calls to get dialect to new API. There is also a method created in DBUtil to get dialect instead of spreading the same code throughout.

SYN-2853: Sequences that use a Send Mail action and have the to and from address passed in as a token cause the client to crash when an author tries to open the sequence for editing. Tokens are done to control all the servers’ emails through one external sequence/module. This has now been fixed for all versions later than 4.5.

SYN-2360: When changing the type of a column fails, the values of the cells were being set to null. Instead of null values, an invalid change will now show an error stating which column wasn't successfully changed. A flag was added to Change Types for backwards compatibility that would allow null to be used for bad data in previous change types.

SYN-2412: Attempting to sum a column with null values in the transpose action caused an incorrect sum result. This was fixed by converting integers to doubles before summing.

SYN-2860: When a Big Decimal type column is passed into an HSQL action it causes an error depending on the data that is in the column. It also can happen when there are no rows in the table being passed. A workaround was present: use a Change Type to change the type from Big Decimal to Double. This issue is resolved in the code in version 4.6.

SYN-2861: A complex get user input action containing multiple inputs that have dependencies freezes when you enter a wild card to search by. This is a regression from version 3.2. In post Java 6, there are changes that have caused list insertions to be slower. The solution was to change the way the List widget was loaded and this has fixed the issue.

SYN-2854: When attempting the @p searches in the SynergyStudio search bar an error message is returned once a space is entered after property name. The same issue addressed in SYN-2853 and solved with the SYN-2853 fix caused this.

SYN-2863: After the full install with the option 'Modify Synergy Settings' on, the property name in the synergy.xml file has been updated successfully to CLIENT_JAVA_VM_ARGS from JAVA_VM_ARGS.

SYN-2852: During an upgrade or import of a sequence any 'Get User Input' actions that have an input without a data source need to be changed/saved before they will run and throws a Null Pointer Exception. This is a regression from 3.2. The workaround is to open the action and 're-select' the blank data source. This was caused by the invalid Date format in the Get User Input. The solution changes the code to log the error to the console and use a default date format when a valid one isn't provided.

SYN-2874: When admin mode is turned off and an error occurs a generic error is thrown It's difficult to troubleshoot an error (especially with modules involved) if you can't reproduce it in admin mode. Synergy 4.6 was enhanced so that when a sequence is run from the editor, you will see a message at the top of the error window: Error occurred in module 'Bad Module' in action named 'Error Here'

SynergyStudio 4.3

pdfSynergyStudio 4.3 Release Notes

SYN-1944: The plus and minus icons inside the SynergyStudio interface are all the same.

SYN-2267: A new wizard is included to allow you to easily select the different Getter formats for a Web App.

SYN-2268: The SynergyStudio App builder is now rebranded as the SynergyStudio Scene builder. A new icon appears for the Scene Builder, however, its functionality remains the same.

SYN-1970: The text fields inside a Web App behave as expected, where the text field does not become deselected if your cursor drifts away from the text field.

SYN-2047: The “Situation not covered” Excel error message no longer appears when you generate a sequence that is set to export to Excel because the POI source code has been updated.

SYN-2253: The Manage Visible Columns window displays the column numbers correctly.

SYN-2255: The User Input window now automatically resizes if it is not big enough to contain its contents.

SYN-2257: You can successfully export a report to SynergyStudio XML that includes a java type date field.

SYN-2263: You are able to successfully add content to the Panel widget inside the Form Builder and Get User Input Form actions.

SYN-2266: SynergyStudio no longer caches the results for sequences that include scheduled jobs.

SYN-2273: You can successfully export a rolled up table from Synergy.

SYN-2275: You are able to successfully import a Database file into Synergy.

SYN-2278: The values inside the Create Web App text box do not disappear when you close out of the action.

SYN-2286: The Oracle classes are no longer required, which allows the Query Database action to work properly without installing the latest Oracle JDBC driver.

SYN-2291: The HTML tags no longer appear when a rolled up report inside SynergyStudio is exported to Excel.

SYN-2295: When selecting another node inside the Create Web App action, the changes are now saved.

SYN-2298: SynergyStudio no longer caches the results for sequences running from a REST call.

SYN-2299: Launching SynergyStudio from an external SynergyStudio application, such as Facility Studio, supports single sign-on.

SYN-2304: To avoid an error message when exporting a SynergyStudio table to Excel, the maximum characters inside a SynergyStudio cell is set to 255 characters.

SYN-2312: The time-out option when importing a file inside SynergyStudio is now removed.

SYN-2317: The FO to PDF action is upgraded to the latest XMLBeans, which does not include the duplicate classes error.

SYN-2326: The Oracle and PostgreSQL user tables are upgraded to support external SynergyStudio applications storing data to an AssetDS schema table.

SYN-2346: The Save icon is not disabled when a lock is removed from a sequence, and a new lock is included with the same name.

SYN-2347: A sequence lock works properly, even when the lock is set to have a timeout of zero.


SYN-2348: You are able to successfully save a sequence that is not visible in the layout view.

SynergyStudio 4.2

pdfSynergyStudio 4.2 Release Notes released on July 13, 2012

SYN-2228: The SynergyStudio installer now includes the updated ojdbc6.jar and postgres.jar files that can query binary_double, binary_float, and CLOB data. Tip: Refer to SYN-2199 and SYN-2214 in SynergyStudio 4.1 for more information.

SYN-2236: The Create Workflows With Assets action is now included in the Actions panel to process multiple inputs into the Create Workflow action.

SYN-2240: The Get Workflow Next Possible States and Get Workflow State History actions are now included in the Actions panel.

SYN-2169: Right-clicking a report tab and selecting the Close All option only closes reports that have the “Closeable” option selected in your saved layout.

SYN-2220: The buttons included in a rollup output have been updated to look like buttons.

SYN-2221: The SynergyStudio updater ignores external users which allows the triggers to be sent to the SynergyStudio server. Tip: Refer to SYN-2227 in SynergyStudio 4.2 for more information.

SYN-2222: The cells are not rendered differently after you delete a row from an Editable table.

SYN-2223: The HTML row height auto fits per row, and the background color fills up the entire cell in the report output.

SYN-2225: The Batch Editing window includes scroll bars and does not appear larger than the main SynergyStudio interface.

SYN-2227: The SynergyStudio updater ignores all external user entries.

SYN-2230: When a shadowed action is deleted from a sequence, the adjacent input actions detach and reconnect properly to the other actions in the sequence.

SYN-2231: If you click the OK button from the Panel widget to close the form builder instead of going up to the top level, the existing widgets are no longer  removed from the form builder.

SYN-2238: Attachments do not disappear when a workflow is updated.


SYN-2241: Workflow comments made in the Change Workflow State action are now stored in the SynergyStudio server.

SynergyStudio 4.1

pdfSynergyStudio 4.1 Release Notes released on April 23, 2012

SYN-1752: The items included in the Show Dependencies window are sorted based on the report path for each report.

SYN-1991: The file type you last used is retained when you export something from the Report Viewer panel.

SYN-1996: The App Builder includes Event and Action icons to match the Web App editor window, allowing you to easily identify the type of information included in your SynergyStudio App.

SYN-2073: A Reset Column field is added to the Add Row Numbers action.

SYN-2076: The Data Source drop-down list for a Message Trigger Database is sorted in alphabetical order.

SYN-2080: You can choose a column that will split into one worksheet per unique value in the column. You can also select which worksheet to duplicate in the Excel template. Leave these fields blank for standard behavior.

SYN-2100: An email notification is sent when a report fails that includes a Message Trigger.

SYN-2105: A Help icon is now included for the following sections in Synergy: Workflow Tracking window, User Maintenance window, and Manage Migration Servers window.

SYN-2159: To move a component into a Panel widget: Drag the component(s) over the panel for 1.5 seconds, and it will flash and zoom in to that panel. You can then drop the component where you like. You can do this as many times in order to get to the nested panel you want. To move the component out of a Panel widget: drag the component(s) over the up arrow button and hold for 1.5 seconds. The layout panel will then go up to the parent panel.

SYN-2160: You are able to drag any item from your Hierarchy panel into your My Keys panel if you need to store a hierarchy entry.

SYN-2167: A Refresh Workflow Templates option is now included in the View menu bar, so you do not have to restart SynergyStudio in order to view any updates made to a Workflow template.

SYN-2192: When you click the report button after a report is already selected, the report will be highlighted in the Pick Report window report tree for any Web App.

SYN-2197: Use the syntax ${property_name} - where name is the value of any property fed into the Create Web App action.

SYN-2210: The Base 64 Encoder action has been added to the Data Converters  category.

SYN-2211: The SVG To PDF Report action has been added to the Reporting category.

SYN-1704: All widgets used in the View Form and User Input Form actions have user specified default values that appear correctly.

SYN-1707: Column names that are formatted using HTML appear formatted in the Filter window.

SYN-1712: When you add a sort function to a View Table action that includes regular expression conditions, the sorted column in the report output appears with the column sorted correctly.

SYN-1813: The text font included in multi-line renderer columns appears the same font as the rest of the report output.

SYN-1967: The View Report Group action’s field names are bold like the rest of actions’ Edit windows.

SYN-1968: When you drag a Dynamic widget to your workspace in an App, the  widget name says “Dynamic.”

SYN-1988: All of the actions include tooltips, except for the Mapping actions.

SYN-2000: The default size for the widgets in the App Builder is significantly larger.

SYN-2065: When you drag a module into a sequence when the module is already open in Edit mode, a warning message appears letting you know that the module is not saved.

SYN-2068: The OK button is disabled until you select a valid report inside a Web App.

SYN-2098: You are able to join and union reports that include multiple tabs.

SYN-2099: When you right-click on a report tab, the Close All option includes an “X” icon to match the other close options.

SYN-2106: The Filter Columns action excludes duplicate column names.

SYN-2117: When you export/import a sequence that includes a Create Web App action, the Report ID is getting rewritten in any external application that references the SynergyStudio Web App.

SYN-2124: The Hierarchy panel sorting order is case insensitive to match the sorting order for the Reports panel.

SYN-2162: When a user included in an Active Directory group is set up to receive group notifications, they will not lose these permissions upon logging into Synergy.

SYN-2164: You are able to open modules that include a starting action that references a module that does not exist in the report tree.

SYN-2170: Logins that are removed from a remote source (Active Directory, LDAP, or file) cannot log into Synergy, even if the user exists in the SynergyStudio database. The external flag is used to tell if a user is from an external source or not. However, the name is not removed from the SynergyStudio database because we do not know if the external authentication failure occurred because of a bad password or because the entry was removed. Admins are still able to remove the user from SynergyStudio through the User Maintenance feature.

SYN-2180: The Get Geoms From Server action does not fail when retrieving geometries from the GIS server.

SYN-2191: You are able to use double quotes when referencing a “Format” Getter in your Web App.

SYN-2194: If you drag something to a different position in the same parent, the constraints will be retained.

SYN-2196: All Google Chart widgets are now updated to the latest versions from Google. The latest versions address the issues that came up with the Pie Chart widget.

SYN-2198: The center component for the Dock panel widget for Web Apps does not need to be added last. The Web App framework will handle this.

SYN-2199: You are able to query CLOB data. SynergyStudio retrieves the maximum length of a Java string from a CLOB (64K). Mandatory Note: You must first update the ojdbc6.jar or postgres.jar files before you can query CLOB data. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain these files.

SYN-2200: You are able to rename a folder that you copy and paste into your report tree without a warning message.

SYN-2203: Nothing appears when you try to log into SynergyStudio with a user name that does not exist.

SYN-2204: SynergyStudio does not lock up when you try to add an existing column or table in the Form editor.

SYN-2207: The print icon for a Map output matches the print icon from the Table Viewer output.

SYN-2212: The error message is updated to notify you that the Shape files need to be included in the correct directory.

SYN-2214: SynergyStudio supports Oracle data types, such as binary_double and  binary_float. Mandatory Note: You must first update the ojdbc6.jar or postgres.jar files before you can query binary_double or binary_float data. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain these supported files.