FacilityStudio Measurement Schematics

Equipped with automatic data integration capabilities, automated workflow functionality, and robust reporting features, FacilityStudio elevates company-wide collaboration, improves operational efficiency, and ensures regulatory compliance


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More than just measurement schematics

Driven by data, FacilityStudio has revolutionized the way measurement schematics are generated, maintained, used, and stored.


compliant measurement schematics from public and internal data.


accurate schematics internally and manage with automated workflow.


from schematics data to optimize business performance.


company-wide collaboration and greater access to information.






Powered by GuildOne’s SynergyDNA technology, FacilityStudio integrates and validates data from various public and internal systems and transforms this data into a truly digital representation of facilities. Long-term company-wide value is delivered through its ability to automate workflow enabling improved operational efficiency, and use data to identify new information assets which are delivered via reports that can be applied to optimize business performance.


Automate data integration

Schematics are generated by automatically integrating data from public systems such as Petrinex in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and various internal production, land, and asset management systems.


Automate workflow

Automated workflow functionality streamlines business processes, increases schematic accuracy, and captures a complete audit trail.


Comprehensive Reporting

Intuitive reports are generated using schematic data providing valuable insight into your facilities.


Ensure compliance, improve operational efficiency, and enable collaboration





As a powerful and cost-effective measurement schematics solution, FacilityStudio provides long-term value well beyond the core objectives of many energy regulators including Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Directive 017 compliance and Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) requirements. Through its ability to integrate with various data systems and automated schematic generation, FacilityStudio significantly reduces manual effort and associated errors saving time and reducing costs. The automated review and approval feature embedded inside the tool streamlines business processes by enabling effective management of versioning and facilitates a collaborative workflow to validate schematics.

The FacilityStudio Advantage



Automate data integration

Automatically integrate business data across systems, departments, and locations. Deliver accurate information enabling more informed, profitable business decisions.


Automate workflow

Streamline business processes, guarantee accuracy, and capture a complete audit trail with automated change notification, alerts, and mandatory approvals tracking.


Monitor business performance

Use data to monitor performance and lower the cost of operations to reduce total expenditures.



Generate a visual representation of your data

Transform data into a dynamic real-time visual representation of your business information, delivering more detailed insight into your company assets and operations.


Enable your people

Facilitate greater access to business information and enhance company wide collaboration by enabling employees to easily access consistent, accurate information..


Ensure compliance

 Through powerful data optimization capabilities, your systems and policies can be examined to increase the quality and consistency of corporate information and reporting to ensure compliance.


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