SynergyStudio™ Training

The following is a list of SynergyStudio training courses currently offered by GuildOne. For more information and registration details, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Business User SynergyStudio Training (Classroom) This course includes Synergy 101, how to perform basic tasks, and tips and tricks specific to Client's Synergy Solution. * SynergyStudio User Guide
* Quick Reference Guide
2 Hours
SynergyStudio Author Generic Training (Classroom) The primary objective of the SynergyStudio 4 Author Training is to show how to create basic Synergy reports in SynergyStudio 4 and make minor alterations to existing reports. This training will consist of an overview of SynergyStudio 4 Authoring features and basic Author training using specific reports and databases from Client's Synergy environment.  * SynergyStudio Author Guide 4 Hours
Migration Training (Classroom) This course describes how to migrate sequences and modules from one server to another.  * SynergyStudio Author Guide
* Administration Roles Guide
2 Hours
User and Group Maintenance (Classroom)  This course describes how to manage the users and groups inside SynergyStudio.  Administration Roles Guide 2 Hours
Custom Training (Classroom) GuildOne provides support on an on-call basis. TBD TBD
SynergyStudio Administration (Classroom) This course explains how to start and stop a server, upgrade, and set up server configuration and data source configuration.  Installation Guide 2 Hours
SynergyStudio Feature Training
GuildOne offers the following training sessions based on  features of interest and/or used specifically by Client - i.e:
- Workflow Training
- Mapping Training
- Scene Builder Training
- Form Builder Training
- Web App Training 
* Form Builder, Scene Builder, and Web App Guide
* SynergyStudio How To Guide
SynergyStudio Author Web-Based Training GuildOne offers web-based training that covers the core features of the Authoring features in SynergyStudio.  N/A Approx 3 Hours 
SynergyStudio End User Web-Based Training GuildOne offers web-based training that covers information and step-by-step instructions to
perform tasks in SynergyStudio as a business user. 
N/A Approx 3 Hours