Insightful Analytics

On-time, accurate business reporting.

FacilityStudio leverages measurement schematic data to generate reports that provide valuable insight into your operations in areas such as cost recovery, asset management, delineation and schematic completion, and regulatory compliance.

KPI Dashboard

Missing Mandatory Data

Inventory Report

Monthly Petrinex Report

Project KPI Dashboard

This dashboard allows you to easily view key metrics for each schematic, such as current state, permission levels, verification status, and outstanding items that are not compliant. You can drill down to view more detailed information for these indicators in the additional bundled reports provided in FacilityStudio.

EPAP Controls

This report is a summary of the results from the controls in the three reports: Missing Mandatory Data, Data Cross Checks, and Missing Recommended Data. They display information about the number of errors, the total number of items, the percentage of the items for accuracy purposes.

Data Cross Checks

This report provides information about flare stacks, tanks, and wells with an artificial lift shown in a schematic. The purpose of this report is to ensure the data pulled by a registry, such as Petrinex matches the information users include inside FacilityStudio.

Missing Mandatory Data

This report identifies any mandatory information currently missing for specific devices inside your schematics. These fields are required based on government regulations.

Verification Status

This report provides information regarding the most recent validation information for a schematic within a specified timeframe. It also displays information such as the current workflow state and the user who updated the schematic version.

Missing Recommended Data

This report identifies any recommended information that is currently missing for specific devices. Although these fields may not be required by government regulations, they are commonly used in schematics within the Oil and Gas industry.

Facility and Well Counts

This report identifies the total number of active, shut in, and suspended wells included in each measurement schematic.

Inventory Summary

This report provides a summary of all the devices and their attributes that are included in each measurement schematic.

Monthly Petrinex Changes

This report identifies the changes that occur during the Petrinex monthly update process.