On Demand. Up to Date. Data-Driven Measurement Schematics.


Generate measurement schematics from company systems and industry data.


Maintain schematics internally with automated workflow and version management.


Report from schematics data to optimize business performance.


Enable company-wide collaboration via greater access to information.

More than just measurement schematics.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance


Elevate Collaboration


Improve Operational Efficiency


Customer Voice

FacilityStudio enables me to extract data for insight that is used company-wide, in the head office and in the field.

Veronica Millan, Zargon

FacilityStudio is not only a great tool for compliance but also a great tool for field communication, accounting liaison and M&A discussions.

Greg Kondro, Tangle Creek Energy

FacilityStudio is doing more than we anticipated... we are now fully compliant and always have a complete and accurate accounting of wells and facilities.

Randy Doetzel, Zargon

Dynamic features and enhanced functionality

Equipped with data integration capabilities, automated workflow functionality, and comprehensive analytics, FacilityStudio data-driven measurement schematic solution ensures regulatory compliance, elevates company-wide collaboration, and improves operational efficiency.

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Compliance by Collaboration

Manage contributions from Measurement, Production Accounting, and Operations .

Email Notifications

Keep everyone on top of change.

Mandatory Approvals

Ensure all changes are reviewed.

Role Assignments

Track ownership and expertise.

Version Control

Ensure all activity is tracked.

Key Functionality


Generated by leveraging measurement schematic data, easily access a variety of pre-built reports that assist with compliance efforts and schematic completion, as well as customized reports used to optimize business performance.


Through automated workflow functionality, access a detailed audit trail for measurement schematics at anytime with automated email change notifications, mandatory approvals tracking, role assignments, and version control.


Public and internal data is transformed into a clear and sequential visual representation of facilities that can instantly be edited, viewed, and shared. Visual flagging features ensure that mandatory schematic data is captured for regulatory compliance.


Search for schematics containing a specific UWI or alternative device tag, by entering a full or partial tag, generating a list of results containing the entered data. With permission-based access, users can update and modify properties within the searched schematic.

Authoring Tools

New and improved features for creators

Drag and Drop


Connection Wizard


Layout Lock


New Devices


Regulatory Compliance

As a powerful and cost-effective measurement schematic solution, FacilityStudio provides meaningful value well beyond the core objectives of government regulations such as Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER) Directive 017 - Section 1.9, Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP), and BC Oil & Gas Commission’s (BCOGC) - Section 1.9.

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New devices, multiple performance enhancements and key new features.

Speed Improvements in Facility Studio 2.4 - Performance increases.

  • 120%

    Data Retreival

  • 160%

    Report Generation

  • 220%

    Drawing Speed

  • 300%

    Saving Drawings


Compressors & Pumps

New coolers, compressors, generators & pumps.

Engineering Devices

Boundaries, filters, pig launchers and receivers.

Fuel & Flare

Knockouts, stacks, take offs and incinerators.


Six new meter types, bringing the total to 16 meter types.


Densitometers, viscometers, provers, analyzers, mixers, scales.


General devices and elements.

Reading Types

Electronic/SCADA, manual read, chart read.

Tanks & Vessels

Cavern, dehydrator, heat exchanger, line heater, pits, vessels, boilers, tower.


Producers, disposal wells, injection wells, cyclic wells, all types of wells!

Key Benefits

Automate Workflow

Streamline business processes, elevate collaboration, and ensure accuracy with versioning, defined roles, automated notifications, and central storage to capture a complete audit trail.

Ensure Compliance

Pre-built reports and flagging of mandatory attributes help ensure regulatory compliance with the AER’s Directive 017 and other province-specific measurement schematic regulations.

Efficiently Maintain Schematics

Search functionality, automated monthly Petrinex loads, integration with multiple data sources, and permission-based access allow users to quickly correct errors and make modifications to schematics.

Empower Your People

Facilitate greater access to information about your facilities and elevate collaboration throughout your organization by enabling employees to easily generate, edit, view, and share schematics.

Generate Detailed Analytics

Use schematic data to generate reports that provide valuable insight into your operations in areas such as cost recovery, asset management, delineation and schematic completion, and regulatory compliance.


Unlock the power of your data with detailed analytics

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Streamline process


Data Integration

Measurement schematics are generated by integrating data from a variety of public systems such as Petrinex in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and various internal production, land, and asset management systems.

Automated Validation

Automated workflow functionality streamlines business processes, increases measurement schematic accuracy, tracks the schematic generation to validation cycle, and captures a complete audit trail.

Comprehensive Analytics

Reports are generated using schematic data, providing valuable insight into your operations in areas such as cost recovery, asset management, delineation, schematic completion, and regulatory compliance.

Users & Groups


Users with view-only access can view and print schematics


Users with editing rights can edit schematics and send them for review


Users with approval rights can "Reject" or "Validate" schematics upon review


Admin users control user permission, access restrictions and maintain data uploads.

Managed Process

Workflow management & monitoring.

More than just Measurement Schematics

Equipped with data integration capabilities, automated workflow functionality, and comprehensive reporting features, FacilityStudio elevates company-wide collaboration, improves operational efficiency, and ensures regulatory compliance.

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