FacilityStudio Release Notes 

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FacilityStudio 2.4

pdfFacilityStudio 2.4: Release Notes

FS-821: Want the ability to be able to filter the search window (View > Find Project in the menu bar) to only show the latest version of the drawing.

FS-896: Since the User Application table no longer controls editing and approving rights, the User application table can now be used to control Attachment editing rights and can also be applied at the group level by using "Group_id" instead of User ID. This means after initial group setup, user management can happen using the User Maintenance dialog in Synergy, or if the client uses ActiveDirectory through that.

FS-823: Change the button "Open Project" to "Open Project Preview" to make it more clear what this button does, as the button takes you to the preview window.

FS-533: There are two forms of the word "color" or "colour" being used for labels and buttons inside FacilityStudio. This should be more consistent throughout the entire program.

FS-345: The Create Workflow button font is different from the other Workflow button fonts. Standardize all of them to use the same font.

FS-858: The drawingflow table is pulling across too many rows of Volumetric data, which is causing the drawings to not load in FS. The Volumetric data does not need to be included in the data joined in the drawings, as it is not used there for anything. We can leave it for past drawings, but going forward will not included it where it is not used.

FS-820: The search field in the Facilities Panel in FS only searches on the Hierarchy Name (device name) if it is filled out in the Attributes Panel. If this field is left blank in the Attributes panel, you are not able to search on this. Enhance the search feature in the Facilities Panel to search on a device name (Unique ID generated from the backend before a hierarchy name is entered), and device type (ie. tank, meter, well, etc).

FS-362: The Ok button is not consistent throughout the application. In some windows it is shown as "OK" while other windows it is shown as "Ok". It should appear as "OK" throughout.

FS-871: It has been requested to have search functionality within a pdf. You are unable to search for a well within the pdf, you can only search on the meta data. On drawings with a lot of wells it would come in handy to search for wells as most people are only able to have view access and will only be looking at the pdf.

FS-692: It has been requested to be able to attach a picture or a pdf document to the project. For example if someone was in the field and wanted to show a change could take a picture then attach it to the schematic to show where exactly the change was.

FS-863: Add in a universal action that allows the user to refresh all the drawings without manual effort.

FS-334: Add a search field inside the Add Device window so a user doesn't need to know exactly what category the device is in. It would benefit some users if they could search for the device name in this window.

FS-722: Automate the whole process of the monthly Petrinex updates. Going into Petrinex with each client's login and download the reports will become a timely process to do manually. The automation needs to log into the client's Petrinex account to download the reports and upload into FacilityStudio to run the updates.

FS-6: When lines cross there currently is no way to differentiate which way a line goes. We need to have a bump in the line.


FS-801: Added the % sign behind the working interest number in a drawing; also allowed the number to be a decimal.

FS-764: Project drawings are often first generated months before the facilities are actually built, and are designed before their Petrinex attributes are determined, it is best to initially load the design/plan into a temporary holding project before moving it into the main drawing set once it is built or, for new Facilities, once it is in Petrinex. Added a tool, so the client administrator could enter in a new project name in a selected hierarchy.

FS-296: A new report launched at a project level and then prompts for the two versions of drawings that you would like to compare and generates a table with the changes between the drawings.

FS-735: Replace the inventory report with the same information, minus the QR codes, in a table viewer instead of a PDF output so a user can sort and filter on the data easier. This report generates four tabs - Summary, Devices, Attributes, Flows.

FS-867: Previous FS Device list does not include a distinct heated tank, and clients would like this. The attributes are the same as a Tank, plus the addition of a "Primary Fuel Source" and "FS: Firing Capacity", and with the same drop down lists. Both these new attributes will be mandatory. The FS: Gauge and FS: Vent Rate units are removed to make way for the stack on the right of the SVG. This has been added to the device file and legend.

FS-836: On many heavy oil batteries they have set up the gas system to be bi-directional, the same meter is used to measure both flows. We have added this bidirectional device to the device file and the legend. At this time it should only have non displaying attributes like the Hierarchy and Long Name.

FS-901: Added access from FS Client side to be able to access the Synergy sequences for project administration as per FS-764. This option is only available when the logged in user is in the user group called 'ProjectAdmin'. If not, this option is greyed out.

FS-873: Have the ability to specify or remove the units (mbtu/hr.) on the treater device.

FS-870: It was requested to have a spot on the flare knockout to have an attribute to report the inventory volumes, also a spot for the units is then needed and both would be displayed.

FS-749: Add in a tooltip, when hovering over each individual report name, which is a 2-4-sentence description of the problem it is trying to identify and how to address the problems identified.

FS-842: It has been requested to add the license id to every tab on the monthly Petrinex report. The licensee id is easy to search on in Petrinex if they are verifying the data.

FS-520: The option has been added to use a different legend which has all symbols for the legend on a separate page, instead of being included on every page on a schematic. This allows us to not restrict any symbols in the list due to space constraints as well as not take as much space on the legend on every page of the schematic.

FS-432: We currently allow the client to select whether they want to display their Suspended Wells or not. This leads to a problem when viewing a drawing of not knowing if there are (a) no suspended wells or (b) the suspended wells are not displayed. To address this uncertainty we now display a footnote in the legend of each drawing indicating if the suspended wells are shown.

FS-838: Clients expressed a desire for a management KPI Dashboard. Intended to have simple visual representations of performance indicators, each selected to show a key aspect of where the company's measurement schematics program is currently.

FS-883: Data Cross Checks report was not returning flare stacks present in the project. While running the report at a client, the report shows that no flare stack is present within a facility. When checking the project however, the flare stack is present within a site, contained in the facility. Added in Recursion to perform a deeper search on the data.

FS-855: Horse Power showed as a mandatory attribute on pumps. This attribute name was changed to Power and is no longer marked as mandatory.

FS-865: The J is missing from the pump jack reference in the legend on the PDF. Pump Jack should be displayed as PJ.

FS-843: On the monthly Petrinex report, under the tabs, adding in the licensee and operator changes the data and is displaying duplicates for the same well.

FS-869: Added in the Hierarchy Name attribute on the Proposed Gas Well, Proposed Oil Well, Proposed Storage Well, Proposed Cyclic Oil Well, and Proposed Gas Injection Well.

FS-894: The Prover Tap device file includes a token at the bottom of the device image. This should be removed.

FS-882: As per FSSUP-51, some FS reports hang because some recursive query was used to find the highest level of parent device, instead of the most immediate one. This happened when there are so many levels of parents for a device and the recursive query has to go through the whole tree depth. See attached.


FS-879: The display spot on the Control Valve where the "ESD" goes as the short form for the Emergency Shut-down attribute option does not fit. We need to make the circle slightly larger or the lettering smaller.

FS-883: Data Cross Checks report was not returning flare stacks present in the project. While running the report at a client, the report shows that no flare stack is present within a facility. When checking the project however, the flare stack is present within a site, contained in the facility. Added in Recursion to perform a deeper search on the data.

FS-855: Horse Power showed as a mandatory attribute on pumps. This attribute name was changed to Power and is no longer marked as mandatory.

FS-877: n "Find Project" under the View menu a user has to enter a UWI in "100/01-10-040-09W4/00" format for the search to work. In the editing pane search a user has to enter the UWI in "AB WI 100011004009W400" format. This should be consistent for usability. You now can search in any format in the "Find Project" search function.

FS-441: On the first page of the drawing preview where it shows in the legend if the schematic is validated is not being updated to say validated when the drawing has gone through the workflow and actually been set to validated. It also does not show who validated the drawing in the legend.

FS-881: You can't enter a name into the hierarchy name and search on it right away you have to save it first. This issue maybe related to the changes with the cache. In the previous 2.3 BN5 version if you had a separator (or any device) and entered test in the hierarchy name. When you go to the search field, enter test it will find it. In the 2.3 BN6 version it won't find test in the search until you save the drawing. The fix should allow for immediate searching on the name without the need to save.

FS-837: When a group of devices are first locked then duplicated the duplicated devices want to occupy the same space as the original devices. Duplicated devices will now be unlocked by default, even if the source device is locked. The devices will still be placed in the same position, doing a global layout will fix this.

FS-781: As per FS-393, now we only have project_id and drawing_id as the passing keys from FS to Synergy to run appropriate FS reports. Now we have the need to include application_id as a passing as well. It is possible that the same project_id is defined in different applications so we need to have application_id work with project_id together to identify the right project info.

FS-379: When running FS on a second screen, and screens aren't mirrored, the pop up menus (save, device editor, wizards) open on the first screen. Also the dropdown menus in attributes drop down at the top of the first screen - not where they live in the attribute pane.

FS-906: When experimenting in 2.4 BN4 I found that the output of the print command varies depending if you (a) go to the File button in the upper left, then select Print from the options, or (b) go directly to the bottom icon line and select the Print icon, second from the left. The problem is that one way does not fill in the date of the last modification, or who it was done by and it displays the drawing ID as just the DD number, not having the drawing saving version at the front (e.g. 1.32 showing it is the 32 save of the first version). It should use the same format as the File then Print option.

FS-841: When I run the installer and get to the set up page and asked for the Server URL I can enter and hit next through all the prompts and get to finish where it launches FS automatically for me. When the FS client opens the server address has not been updated with the address I had entered during the install. This makes it difficult for users to sign in, as they are required to hit exit then go to view/settings to change the URL again.

FS-806: When a drawing is saved and comments entered, if the comments get really long it is hard to read them because the text doesn't wrap. Where this is most noticeable is when the save comments show up in the workflow hierarchy, they show as one big line, and the user must to scroll to the right. They should wrap.

FS-380: When clicking on a device in the editor pane the device is both highlighted yellow and small boxes appear on the sides and at the four corners of the device. This means it's highlighted and selected. The item can have tools used against it, such as wizard, the attribute pane is populated with its attributes and dragging the mouse can move it.

FS-346: When a user groups a bunch of devices into a site and labels the site, the devices are overlapping the name of the site. Even if you move the devices and lock it, once you hit the layout button it seems the devices overlap the site title again. This should not happen.

FS-878: On suspended and proposed wells we have removed the automatic "??" representing artificial lift and primary fuel source. While reviewing it was observed that all 3 of the suspended wells had a "??" in the spot for Artificial Lift type. This is because we assign a “P?” to wells with a PUMP status, a Blank to wells with a FLOW status and “??” to all others. We should assign a Blank to these wells, which include Suspended, Proposed, and possibly others.

FacilityStudio 2

pdfFacilityStudio 2: Release Notes

FS-135: A Create Workflow button has been created. It creates a workflow inside the Version History and Workflow panel and includes the following states: In Progress, Review, Rejected, or Verified. A Watch Workflow icon has also been added inside the Hierarchy panel.

FS-259: The memory usage is now automatically specified by the FacilityStudio client installer. The default value is set to 1 GB.

FS-282: Any emailed schematic files with a FacilityStudio Launch extension (.fsl) can opened using FacilityStudio and automatically opens inside the Schematic Viewer Interface.

FS-293: Group and Ungroup icons are now added inside the Schematic Editor Interface toolbar to group or ungroup selected items inside a Facilities, Site & Groups category device.

FS-338:FacilityStudio reconnects to the server if the server is restarted

FS-122: Primary power sources and artificial lift types are now included inside the legend.

FS-219: Anything inside the workspace can be duplicated except any original Petroleum Registry of Alberta (PRA) parent devices pre-generated for a schematic by default.

FS-227: The Schematic Viewer Interface is now revamped, and sizing the client window no longer creates issues. The Hierarchy panel can now be sized.

FS-233: The schematic name appears in a font size inside the Preview section of the Schematic Viewer Interface.

FS-238: You no longer have to sign-in again after lauching a Synergy report from FacilityStudio.

FS-239: The Volumetrics tab is temporarily removed and will be reintroduced in a later version with enhanced performance.

FS-246: The Hierarchy panel is now organized alphabetically.

FS-249: A search field is now included inside the Facilities panel to search for items inside a schematic.

FS-252: When using the mouse wheel, the zoom-in/zoom-out functions inside the Schematic Editor Interface now match industry standard applications.

FS-255: The Version History list now embedded inside the Version History and Workflow panel.

FS-264: The Drawing Library is now upgraded to the latest version.

FS-277: The Layout feature now uses the incremental layout feature of the Drawing Library when changes are made to a schematic.

FS-278: Connection flow lines can now be deleted from the pre-generated PRA load.

FS-279: The embedded PDF viewer is now upgraded to the latest release.

FS-280: Constraints now limit the ability for nested grouping inside the workspace.

FS-283: The New Output button is replaced by the Device Wizard icon to connect devices that are already located inside the workspace.

FS-288: Adding devices no longer requires you to click the Ok button.

FS-289: The New Flow Line window is enhanced and consistent with other windows inside FacilityStudio.

FS-292: The Move Device window is enhanced and consistent with other windows inside FacilityStudio.

FS-294: After an action is completed, the effected item(s) are now pre-selected inside the workspace.

FS-301: Offline Mode is no longer supported to accomodate the new functions that rely on a server connection.

FS-321: Processing changes are now shown in the bottom-right corner of the client window.

FS-326: Comments are now optional when saving changes to a schematic.

FS-331: A user’s full name is now displayed inside the Version History and Workflow panel instead of a User_ID credential.

FS-347: Tooltips are now shown for all the Hierarchy panel icons.

FS-79: Suspended wells inside multi-well events no longer appear inside the pre-generated PRA load.

FS-146: An error message no longer appears when adding or updating user privileges.

FS-206: The Pressure Storage Vessel device now appears inside the workspace.

FS-207: Any information typed inside the FS: Hierarchy Name field replaces the “Header” text inside Header device and appears inside the workspace.

FS-209: The Dehydrator device is now labeled as Dehy in the workspace, and a  Schematic Editor can specify what type of dehydrator it is from the Attributes panel.

FS-210: Information is now automatically saved and shown inside the workspace after it is entered inside the Attributes panel.

FS-211: FacilityStudio does not disconnect from the company server while saving changes to a large schematic.

FS-212: The New Device window no longer appears below the client screen.

FS-221: Connection flow lines between two devices are no longer duplicated twice.

FS-222: The New Output button is now replaced with the Device Wizard icon and can be accessed at any time from the Schematic Editor Interface toolbar.

FS-223: When you delete a label from a connection flow line, the connection flow line no longer remains highlighted in yellow after selecting another device.

FS-231: FacilityStudio now prints the latest version of a schematic by default.

FS-241: The Attributes panel now restricts the type of values you can put inside fields.

FS-243: The Off Page Marker appears as a fixed size.

FS-245: FacilityStudio now contains notifications regarding error messages when disconnected from the server. You will be prompted to reconnect to the server.

FS-250: The stroke value is now defined in the SVG device library, and the text appears correctly inside the workspace.

FS-253: The Drawing Library upgrade improves the performance level of the FacilityStudio client.

FS-257: The new Device Wizard icon allows you to add both a device and connection flow line.

FS-325: When searching for a schematic inside the Hierarchy panel, the Search field is no longer case sensitive.

FS-331: A user’s full name is now displayed inside the Version History and Workflow panel instead of a User_ID credential.

FS-336: The error log file now appears inside the FacilityStudio installation directory on a Windows platform.

FS-390: The key for a project or device now passes correctly to run a report sequence.

FS-398: If a device is not included inside a parent device, the device no longer has a border around it.