GuildOne Inc.

A leading provider of innovative technology solutions that help organizations understand and use data to make profitable decisions and enhance business performance.

Client Success Stories

Our Commitment

To ensure the best solution is always delivered, we are committed to working closely with each client to wholly understand business needs ensuring only relevant high value solutions are developed. For ease-of-use and long-term value, we guarantee fast, hassle free implementation and reliable, on-going support. Built on a customer driven philosophy, GuildOne is dedicated to continuous development based on user feedback ensuring all solutions quickly adapt to complex and changing business needs.


Who We Are

Who we are is best expressed by our ability to enable clients to leverage data for profitable decision-making and optimized business performance.

Our Story

Beginning in 2001, a series of milestones have lead us to become a prominent provider of data-driven software solutions in Western Canada.

Our Team

We are a collection of driven professionals dedicated to constantly innovating for our clients and providing the highest quality of service.